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Tyson Iron Mike  |  SKU: SKU005623  |  Barcode: 784847572783

Mintberry Iron Mike Tyson 15000

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Mintberry Iron Mike Tyson 15000

Flavor Profile: Mintberry combines the cooling freshness of mint with the sweet and tart notes of mixed berries. This flavor offers a refreshing minty inhale with a berry-filled exhale, creating a perfectly balanced, invigorating vape experience.


    What makes the Mintberry flavor a must-try in the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 series?

    The Mintberry Iron Mike Tyson 15000 stands out for its innovative blend of cool, refreshing mint and sweet, juicy berries. This unique combination offers a vape experience that's both invigorating and rich in flavor, appealing to those who desire a refreshing twist on their vape.

    How does the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 achieve such an extensive number of puffs?

    Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 maximizes e-liquid efficiency and battery life, enabling up to 15000 puffs. This ensures a prolonged and satisfying vaping experience, allowing you to enjoy the mintberry flavor longer.

    Is the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 Mintberry ready to use right out of the box?

    Yes, the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 Mintberry comes pre-filled and pre-charged, offering instant enjoyment without any setup required. This feature provides maximum convenience, letting you dive straight into a refreshing vaping experience.

    How does the device ensure a consistent Mintberry flavor experience?

    The Iron Mike Tyson 15000 is designed with advanced coil and airflow systems, maintaining the integrity and freshness of the Mintberry flavor throughout the device's lifespan. This guarantees a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience from the first to the last puff.

    • Puff Count
      15000 Puffs
    • Adjustable Air Flow
    • Nicotine Type
      Salt Nicotine
    • Nicotine Strength
      50 MG (5%)
    • Package Contains
      1 Disposable Vape
    • Device Model
      Tyson Iron Mike
    • Validity Period
      July 1, 2025 at 12:30 am

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