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Introducing the irresistible, flavor-packed experience that is the 60ml free base from REDS E-Juice. Each puff offers a distinctive blend of taste, ensuring a vaping session like no other. Created for compatibility with any vaping device, this free base juice guarantees a smooth, satisfying experience with every inhalation.


Choose from 3MG or 6MG nicotine content based on your preference.


  • Savor the classic, crisp taste of APPLE or indulge in its frosty alternative, APPLE ICE.
  • Experience the delightful tanginess of BERRIES or its chilling variant, BERRIES ICE.
  • Get a mouthful of mixed fruits with FRUIT MIX or its icy counterpart, FRUIT MIX ICE.
  • Enjoy the rich, full flavor of GRAPE or its cool version, GRAPE ICE.
  • Relish in the exotic, tropical taste of GUAVA or its refreshing iteration, GUAVA ICE.
  • Dive into the sweetness of MANGO or its frosty version, MANGO ICE.
  • Treat yourself with the juicy goodness of PEACH or its cool variant, PEACH ICE.
  • Delight in the summery sweetness of STRAWBERRY or its icy alternative, STRAWBERRY ICE.
  • Explore the juicy, refreshing taste of WATERMELON or its frosty version, WATERMELON ICE.

Each flavor is meticulously crafted to ensure the ultimate vaping experience. Experience the luxury of choice and the thrill of discovery with each puff of REDS E-Juice.

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