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LOST MARY  |  SKU: VAR43193173115029  |  Barcode: 6937643597021;5056716402589;5056716402329


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Immerse yourself in a supreme vaping experience with our top-notch disposable vape, offering up to 5000 puffs. This compact and lightweight item slips effortlessly into your pocket and boasts an impressive battery life to support all-day vaping. Expect a silky, rich flavour with every puff, promising an unrivalled taste sensation.


  • A delectable swirl of BLUE COTTON CANDY
  • A chilling breeze of BLUE RAZ ICE
  • A frosty touch of BLUEBERRY ICE
  • A fizzy burst of CRANBERRY SODA
  • A tropical mix of PINEAPPLE MANGO
  • A frost-kissed STRAWBERRY ICE
  • A luscious blend of STRAWBERRY MANGO
  • An exotic concoction of STRAWBERRY PINA COLADA
  • A creamy splash of STRAWBERRY SUNDAE
  • A refreshing slice of WATERMELON
  • A tangy twist of CHERRY COLA
  • A heavenly drift of MARY DREAM
  • A juicy fusion of PEACH MANGO WATERMELON
  • A zesty blend of WATERMELON LEMON
  • An intense wave of MAD BLUE
  • A cool hint of SPEARMINT
  • A sweet mix of CHERRY PEACH LEMONADE
  • A bold strike of BLACK MINT
  • A succulent burst of JUICY PEACH

Every flavour will unlock a new dimension in your vaping journey, offering a distinct and memorable experience. Elevate your vaping routine with our versatile and flavourful disposable vape.

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