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Dozo Trippy Diamonds 5 Grams

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DOZO - Trippy Diamonds

Embark on a sensory adventure with the Trippy Diamonds and Dozo Don't TRP Mushroom Vape Collection. This collection brings together eleven distinct flavors, each offering a unique vaping experience. From the deeply relaxing Indica strains to the vibrant Sativa blends, and the balanced Hybrids, there's a flavor and effect for every preference.

Whether you're looking to unwind with a soothing Indica, get energized with a lively Sativa, or enjoy the equilibrium of a Hybrid, this collection has it all. Each flavor is a masterpiece of taste and quality, crafted for the discerning vape aficionado. Lab-tested for purity and safety, these vapes promise a premium experience.

Trippy Diamonds Flavors:

Jabba Dabba (Indica): Deep relaxation, soothing effect.
Martian Mindmelt (Indica): Profound tranquility, serene experience.
Trippy T-Rump (Sativa): Energizing, creativity-boosting.
Darth Vapor (Hybrid): Balanced, harmonious effect.
Hyper Glitch Sativa: Citrus & herb fusion, refreshing taste.
SHROOMBACCA'S BREAKFAST (INDICA): Rich, earthy, calming.
Starfucker (Hybrid): Aromatic, balanced sensations.
Trippy T-Rump (Sativa): Vibrant, uplifting flavor.
Darth Vapor (Hybrid): Intense flavor, balanced experience.
Jabba Dabba (Indica): Deep, enveloping calm.
Martian Mindmelt (Indica): Intense relaxation, profound calm.

    Trippy Diamonds Lab Resulsts

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Darth Vapor Flavor (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Star Fu@#ker  (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Shroombacca's Breakfast  (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Galaxy Hitchicker  (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Zooted Yoda  (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Jabba Dabba  (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Trippy T-Rump  (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Shroom Trooper (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Space cowboy  (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Martian Mindmelt  (Lab Result)

     Trippy Diamonds Dozo Hyper Glitch  (Lab Result)


    Trippy diamonds

    Experience the ultimate euphoria with Trippy Diamonds. Indulge in premium quality, potent effects for an unmatched, transformative journey.

    Trippy diamonds 5g - 5 grams

    Discover Trippy Diamonds 5g – your gateway to an extraordinary, intense experience. Dive into 5 grams of unparalleled potency and purity.
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