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Pod Juice  |  SKU: VAR43098148405397  |  Barcode: 302035551152


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Step into a world of tantalizing flavors with the exquisite range of Pod Juice. Engineered specifically for pod systems, these e-liquids provide a smooth and intense vaping experience. With 30ml of nicotine salt e-liquid in each bottle, every puff gives a superior throat hit and nicotine hit, perfect for the discerning vaper.

Experience the frosty thrill of the Aloe Grape Freeze with its vibrant grape taste infused with aloe and mint notes. Or revel in the sweet caramelized sensation of the Banana Freeze with its refreshing icy exhale of mint and banana. Those with a love for berries can choose the Blue Razz Jam - a genuine raspberry and blueberry fusion that's a crowd-pleaser.

For a nostalgic touch, the Cotton Clouds is a twirled combo of blue raspberry and pink vanilla flavors, reminiscent of a carnival. And for those who prefer a dessert-like experience, the Churros Pod Juice, featuring cinnamon-sugar and bakery-inspired flavors, is an excellent choice.

Pod Juice's range also includes the unique Jewel Mango flavor - a tropical sensation that dances on your taste buds. If you're into minty undertones, the Jewel Mint Lush Freeze offers a crisp, cool, and fruity experience with every puff.

Fancy a trip down memory lane? The Loops Pod Juice brings back cherished breakfast memories with its smooth and velvety flavor profile. For a classic combination, try the Strawberry Kiwi - a perfect duo of fruitiness in every puff.

Pod Juice's 30ml Salt Nic e-liquid is available in two nicotine levels - 35MG and 55MG, catering to all preferences. Every flavor has been expertly blended to deliver an unparalleled vape experience, making Pod Juice the go-to brand for vapers aged 21 to 58.

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    September 2, 2024 at 5:00 am

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