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Tyson Iron Mike  |  SKU: SKU005614  |  Barcode: 784847569295

Clear Iron Mike Tyson 15000

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Clear Iron Mike Tyson 15000

Flavor Profile: Experience the essence of purity with the Clear flavor from Iron Mike Tyson 15000. This innovative blend is designed to deliver a crisp, clean vaping experience that's refreshingly straightforward. With subtle hints of a cool, mild sweetness, it's like inhaling a fresh breeze. Ideal for vapers seeking a palate cleanser between flavors or those who prefer their vaping experience to be unadorned yet subtly satisfying. Clear stands out for its simplicity and elegance, making it a unique choice in a sea of complex flavors.


    What exactly is the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 Clear, and who is it for?

    The Iron Mike Tyson 15000 Clear is a flavor-free disposable vape designed for vapers who prefer a pure vaping experience without added flavors

    How does a flavor-free vape like the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 Clear offer a satisfying experience?

    The Iron Mike Tyson 15000 Clear focuses on the essence of vaping by providing a clean, unadulterated vapor, allowing users to enjoy the sensation and clouds without the distraction of added tastes.

    Is the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 Clear ready to use right out of the package?

    Yes, the Iron Mike Tyson 15000 Clear comes pre-charged and filled, offering immediate, hassle-free use straight out of the box, with no need for filling or charging.

    • Puff Count
      15000 Puffs
    • Adjustable Air Flow
    • Nicotine Type
      Salt Nicotine
    • Nicotine Strength
      50 MG (5%)
    • Package Contains
      1 Disposable Vape
    • Device Model
      Tyson Iron Mike
    • Validity Period
      July 1, 2025 at 12:30 am

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