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FUNKY REPUBLIC  |  SKU: SKU005904  |  Barcode: 5056719900792

Orange Starfruit Kiwi Ice Funky Republic TI 7000

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The Orange Starfruit Kiwi Ice Funky Republic TI 7000 is a premium vaping device designed for those who crave a refreshing and exotic flavor experience. This disposable vape combines the tangy zest of orange, the tropical sweetness of starfruit, and the unique tartness of kiwi, all perfectly balanced with a cool menthol finish. The Funky Republic TI 7000 ensures a long-lasting and satisfying vaping session with its powerful battery and high-capacity e-liquid reservoir. Crafted for flavor enthusiasts, this vape delivers consistent and rich flavors with every puff.

Flavor Profiles

Orange: A burst of citrusy goodness that invigorates the senses with its tangy and sweet notes.

Starfruit: An exotic fruit flavor that adds a unique and refreshing sweetness to the mix.

Kiwi: A tart and slightly sweet flavor that complements the citrus and tropical notes perfectly.

Ice: A cool menthol finish that enhances and refreshes the overall flavor experience.

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