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Gold Kiwi Reds 100ml 6mg

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Gold Kiwi by Reds 100ml 6mg

Discover the lush world of Gold Kiwi by Reds, a 100ml vape juice infused with the exotic flavor of golden kiwis and a nicotine strength of 6mg.

Flavor Profile: Exotic Gold Kiwi

Gold Kiwi by Reds perfectly encapsulates the distinctive taste of golden kiwis from New Zealand. This e-juice is an invitation to a tropical paradise, offering a sweet and tangy citrus flavor that refreshes and delights the palate with every puff.

Key Features

  • Bottle Size: 100mL Unicorn Bottle
  • Nicotine Level: 6mg
  • PG/VG Ratio: 30% PG / 70% VG
  • Formulation: Freebase E-Liquid
  • Child-Resistant Cap
  • Made in the USA

Indulge in the tropical sweetness of golden kiwis with Gold Kiwi by Reds, a perfect choice for vapers seeking a unique and flavorful experience.

What is unique about Gold Kiwi by Reds' flavor?

Gold Kiwi by Reds features an exotic gold kiwi flavor, providing a sweet yet tangy citrus experience that is both unique and invigorating.

What nicotine strength is available in Gold Kiwi by Reds 100ml?

This e-juice is available in a 6mg nicotine strength, ideal for vapers who prefer a higher nicotine content.

What is the PG/VG ratio in Gold Kiwi by Reds?

The PG/VG ratio in Gold Kiwi by Reds is 30% PG to 70% VG, offering a balanced blend for a satisfying flavor and vapor production.

Can Gold Kiwi by Reds be used for subohm vaping?

Absolutely, Gold Kiwi by Reds is suitable for subohm vaping, ensuring a smooth experience packed with flavor.

How is Gold Kiwi by Reds packaged?

Gold Kiwi by Reds comes in a convenient 100mL unicorn bottle with a child-resistant cap, ensuring safety and ease of use.

  • Flavor Profile
    Apple Golden Kiwi
  • Nicotine Type
    Free Base
  • Nicotine Strength
    6 MG (0.6%)
  • Package Contains
    1 Bottle Of E-Juice
  • Device Model
    Free Base
  • Validity Period
    July 1, 2025 at 4:00 am

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