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Flum Float  |  SKU: VAR43325451272341  |  Barcode: 810105773736

American Tobacco Flum Float 3000

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Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of traditional American Tobacco with the Flum Float 3000 Puffs. This product perfectly recreates the rich, robust flavors of classic American tobacco, offering a pure, satisfying experience with each inhalation.

This long-lasting vape device offers a smooth tobacco blend, meticulously crafted for those who value familiarity and quality in their vaping experience. Each unit is built to deliver 3000 puffs, allowing for a prolonged enjoyment of the deep, earthy essence of American tobacco.

Designed with both convenience and performance in mind, the Flum Float 3000 Puffs provides a seamless transition for traditional tobacco users into the world of vaping. It provides the right punch of nicotine at 5%, perfectly balancing flavor and satisfaction.


What is the puff capacity of the FLUM Float 3000?


The FLUM Float 3000 offers a high capacity of 3000 puffs per device, providing a long-lasting vaping experience.


What nicotine strength does the American Tobacco have?


Each FLUM Float 3000 comes with a nicotine strength of 50mg (5%), catering to those who prefer a stronger nicotine hit.


What type of operation does the FLUM Float 3000 use?


This device operates on a draw-activation mechanism, making it user-friendly and convenient for on-the-go vaping.


What is the e-liquid capacity of the FLUM Float 3000?


The FLUM Float 3000 is prefilled with 8mL of e-liquid, ensuring a satisfactory and extended use.


Can I recharge the FLUM Float 3000?


The FLUM Float 3000 is a disposable device and is not designed to be recharged.


What flavors are available in the American Tobacco 3000 range?


The FLUM Float 3000 comes in a variety of flavors, including American Tobacco, Aloe Grape, Mango Melon Ice, and many more, catering to a wide range of taste preferences.


  • Puff Count
    3000 Puffs
  • Nicotine Type
    Salt Nicotine
  • Nicotine Strength
    50 MG (5%)
  • Ingredients
    Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
    Propylene Glycol (PG)
    Salt Nicotine
  • Tank Capacity
    8 ML
  • Battery Capacity
    1100 mAh
  • Package Contains
    1 Disposable Vape
  • Brand
  • Device Model
    Flum Float
  • Validity Period
    September 2, 2024 at 5:00 am

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