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DOZO  |  SKU: PO866517  |  Barcode: 783970255495

Blue Dream (Sativa) - Dozo Live Hash Rosin + THC-A Pre-Roll Joints

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Blue Dream (Sativa) - Dozo Live Hash Rosin + THC-A Pre-Roll Joints

Blue Dream Live Hash rosin, a legendary sativa-dominant hybrid, meets the unparalleled purity of Dozo's Live Hash Rosin and THC-A in these pre-roll joints. Originating in California and beloved for its balanced full-body relaxation and cerebral invigoration,Blue Dream Live Hash rosin is a cross between the iconic Blueberry and Haze strains. These pre-rolls offer a sweet berry aroma, reminiscent of their Blueberry parent, and ensure swift symptom relief without heavy sedation, making them an ideal daytime choice.

Blue Dream Live Hash rosin Features:

  • Sativa-Dominant Hybrid: Creative and uplifting effects.
  • Rich Flavor Profile: Berry, blueberry, fruity, herbal, sweet, vanilla.
  • Aroma: Earthy, fruity, sweet, vanilla.
  • Potent THC-A and Live Hash Rosin: Ensures high potency and purity.
  • Ideal for: Creative endeavors, pain relief, depression, anxiety.

Blue Dream Live Hash rosin Benefits:

  • Offers a harmonious balance of full-body relaxation and mental alertness.
  • Provides relief from a variety of symptoms like chronic pain, depression, and nausea.
  • The sweet and alluring aroma enhances the overall experience.


What is the flavor profile of Blue Dream in these pre-rolls?

Blue Dream boasts a delightful blend of berry, blueberry, fruity, herbal, sweet, and vanilla flavors, offering a rich and layered smoking experience.

How does the Live Hash Rosin enhance the Blue Dream pre-rolls?

The Live Hash Rosin, made from pure trichomes, intensifies the flavor and potency, providing a cleaner, more refined taste and stronger effects.

Is Blue Dream suitable for daytime or nighttime use?

Thanks to its sativa dominance, Blue Dream is ideal for daytime use, providing uplifting and creative effects without the heaviness of sedation.

What aromas can be expected from these pre-rolls?

Expect a captivating mix of earthy, fruity, and sweet vanilla aromas, which perfectly complements the rich flavor profile of Blue Dream.

Can Blue Dream pre-rolls help with any specific conditions?

Users have reported relief from conditions like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, headaches, inflammation, nausea, PTSD, and stress.

What makes Dozo's THC-A addition unique in these pre-rolls?

The inclusion of THC-A in Dozo's pre-rolls ensures an extra layer of potency and purity, offering a more intense and refined cannabis experience.

  • Flavor Profile
    Blue Dream
  • Package Contains
    2 Pre-Rolled Joints

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