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Lost Mary MO Black Gold Edition  |  SKU: PO830229

Aphonso Mango Ice Lost Mary MO5000 Black

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  • Experience the vibrant taste of summer with Alphonso Mango Ice Lost Mary MO Black. This product masterfully combines the luscious sweetness of Alphonso mangoes, known for their rich, creamy texture and intense flavor, with the crisp, invigorating sensation of ice. Each puff delivers a burst of tropical paradise, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a refreshing and flavorful escape.

    Flavor Profile Image:




    • Exotic Alphonso Mango Flavor: Sourced from the finest mangoes for an authentic taste.
    • Cooling Ice Effect: Provides a refreshing counterbalance to the sweet mango.
    • Sleek Design: The Lost Mary MO Black offers a modern and stylish vaping experience.
    • Portable and Convenient: Perfect for on-the-go usage.


    • Enjoy a taste of the tropics anytime, anywhere.
    • Ideal for refreshing summer days or as a sweet escape during colder months.
    • Combines flavor and functionality in a compact device.
    • A perfect choice for both new and experienced users.


    1. "The Alphonso Mango Ice flavor is like a tropical holiday in each puff. Absolutely refreshing!" - Jamie L.
    2. "Love the balance of sweet mango and cool ice. It's my go-to for a quick flavor escape." - Chris D.
    3. "The quality of flavor in the Lost Mary MO Black is unmatched. Truly a premium experience." - Alex R.

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    Embark on a flavorful journey with Alphonso Mango Ice Lost Mary MO Black. Order now and savor the tropical bliss!


What makes Alphonso Mango Ice Lost Mary MO Black unique?

Alphonso Mango Ice features the exquisite taste of Alphonso mangoes, renowned for their superior flavor and sweetness, combined with a refreshing ice effect, all encapsulated in the sleek Lost Mary MO Black device.

Is this product suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Its ease of use and balanced flavor profile makes it perfect for both beginners and seasoned users.

How portable is the Lost Mary MO Black?

Designed for convenience, it fits easily in your pocket or purse, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

What is the intensity of the mango flavor?

The mango flavor is rich and prominent, offering a true taste of ripe Alphonso mangoes with every puff.

Can the Lost Mary MO Black be used multiple times?

Yes, it is designed for multiple uses, ensuring you get the most out of your tropical vaping experience.

Where can I purchase Alphonso Mango Ice Lost Mary MO Black?

It is available at select retailers and online stores. Please check with your local vape shop for availability.

  • Flavor Profile
    Sourced from the finest mangoes for an authentic taste.
  • Puff Count
    5000 Puffs
  • Nicotine Type
    Salt Nicotine
  • Nicotine Strength
    50 MG (5%)
  • Ingredients
    Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
    Propyelen Glycol (PG)
    Salt Nicotine
  • Tank Capacity
    13.5 ML
  • Battery Capacity
    500 mAh (Type-c) Rechargeable
  • Package Contains
    1 Disposable Vape
  • Brand
    Lost Mary
  • Device Model
    Lost Mary MO
  • Validity Period
    July 1, 2025 at 12:00 am

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